It’s been a long time ago since I wrote my first song as a seventh grader. As I added additional songs to my “catalog”, I began to realize that I  enjoyed fitting words and music together.  Regardless of the subject matter, it was really cool to be able to create something that did not exist before I sat down, or stayed up all night to write it. Not to mention appreciating the responses I got from family and friends as I shared my latest with them.

Fast forward now with me 42 years or so- I’ve continued to expand the song catalog. I’m certainly not as prolific as some writers I know, but the song count continues to increase (hopefully the quality as well). Ten years ago I began to organize what was then my song file system (the neck of my guitar case), began the process of copyright on my songs, learned the basics of using a computer (yuck, but getting better), began the basics of digital recording (enough for work tapes), and here we are today.

As I type this, I have my first cut hitting country radio stations all across Australia. Yeah that’s right, I said Australia. It’s a little song I wrote a few years back titled “I Want To”. Like pretty much every one I’ve written over the last few years, “I Want To” went back and forth several times between me, and people I have come to know and trust in Nashville; the whole intent being to tighten up, and create the best song possible. When I say people, what I really mean is friends, new friends. Folks like Craig Bickhardt, Marcia Ramirez, Sheree’ Spoltore’, Bob Dellaposta, among others. Yeah, new friends.

You may ask, “How did the song find it’s way to Australia?” Well, that goes back to that list of new friends. You see Bob Dellaposta is a publisher in Nashville, and has believed in “I Want To” since I first sent him a demo copy of the song. Bob had a young Australian artist by the name of Brett Clarke ( contact him looking for songs for his debut CD.  Bob sent Brett a copy, and the rest, like they say, is history.

Where am I going with all of this? Well, right now it seems like the success I’m beginning to see with “I Want To” is happening pretty quick. I’m certainly excited to see what’s in store with Brett’s rendition of my song, and he has killed it too! He’s done a super job with his take of “I Want To”!! (do us both a favor, and buy a copy of his album “Standing Back”).

Back to that “success” thing though-First off, I’m thankful to my Creator for the ability that He has lent to me for a while. Secondly, I am thankful for this “overnight” success that has only taken 42 years.

I’ll keep you posted…