I think we all have hopes and dreams for the future. I also think that those hopes and dreams are what keep us motivated to learn, work hard, and strive to achieve those very dreams. Success as a songwriter is one of my dreams, and over the last 11 years I have certainly been workin’ hard at it.

Now you would think that success, certainly commercial success as a songwriter would mean dollars in the bank for all of the time I’m putting in with this path that I’m on. That is most definitely one of the goals I have with all of this, but it’s not the only one.

I want to write great songs. I want to write songs that touch people; make them laugh and cry. I want to write songs that cause God to smile, and when asked about my inspiration, I can give God the credit for the abilities that He has loaned to me for a while. I want to hear my songs on the radio, and have those songs outlast me.

All this being said, would you like to know what I really want to have happen with a song? I want to be sitting way up in the cheap seats of a big arena, or some other large venue. As the performing artist starts singing my song, I’m going to lean over to the stranger sitting next to me, and with a smile I’ll softly say, “I wrote this song.” Yeah, one day…