It’s been a while since I posted anything new here on my site. The summer came and went, and we’re knockin’ on the door of Thanksgiving already. Shoot, we’ve already had our first snow last week. Like I said in my song (I Want To), in spite of all “the have-tos messin’ with the want-tos”, I’m still working on this writing thing.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve had two different Music Row publishers each take the same song, with one of the publishers taking a second song as well. I’ve been told multiple times by different pros that these two songs are both really solid writes. A couple of the pros have even shed a few tears over the tunes, but then the next thing out of their mouths is that the songs will be tough pitches because they are story songs, albeit beautifully constructed story songs. Well, the songs are being listened to. The songs are being taken by publishers, and pitched on Music Row.

Two months ago I was contacted by someone about writing a song to compliment a project they were working on. I immediately got hold of one of my good friends and co-writer, Dan Keseloff. We sat down together with the project creator to discuss what they needed. We had three weeks to come up with a song because of the project timetable. Now where as I can’t go into the details of the project yet, we did in fact come up with a song that the project creator is very excited about. The song is now part of the project. We got the studio version of the song back last week. It rocks! We’re very excited about the possibilities presented to us on this one! I’ll keep you posted when I can.

So in spite of myself, my schedule; in spite of the size of this “mountain” I’m tryin’ to climb, I’m feelin’ really blessed by God for some sizable forward steps over the last little-while. And oh, one more thing; I’m putting Nashville, and really the whole music industry on notice- I’m still here, and I’m still pluggin’ away…