Nineteen years ago, a friend introduced me to a very humble, and kind man by the name of Larry Bastian. Larry also happened to be a pro song writer (Rodeo, Unanswered Prayers, Man Against Machine to name a few). The afternoon that I spent at Larry and Myrna Bastian’s home was a fun few hours to say the least. Five minutes of that visit caused a fundamental change, a dynamic shift in my understanding of any place I might have in the music industry.

Over the next several years, whenever a moment of doubt, or frustration would attack, I would be encouraged on by recalling those five minutes. I would regain focus by hearing one of Larry’s songs speaking to me through the radio speakers. The same song, dozens of times at separate moments would push me forward, and tears of thankfulness and joy would fall.

Last night, because of, and through a new friend, Larry Bastian contacted me on the phone. Last night, I was able to finally say thank you to Larry, and to tell him how profound those five minutes, nineteen years ago were to me. Last night I was blessed with a half hour phone conversation with a very humble, and kind man. Last night, Larry Bastian and I determined that we are going to get together and write a song, sooner than later. Last night, more joy filled tears fell…

Thank You God for Larry. Thank You God for the way You bring pieces, and seemingly loose ends together. Thank You God for the last nineteen years.