Today was my day off, and I had a few things around the house that I could have worked on. I was going to get the lawn mowed, both of our rigs are due for service, etc. All valid stuff, and things that will get done. Instead though, I made a deliberate decision to work on my music today instead.

Actually, the work started last evening when I called my co-writer Cindy Mechem, in New York, to talk about details on the 3 songs we wrote together last month in Nashville. We’ve got one of them in the studio right now being demoed, and the other 2 will be headed that way shortly. We’re excited about all 3! Cindy and I wrote those songs, one each, with pro writers Jeffrey East, Alissa Moreno, and Steve Dean. Google those names. It was pretty cool, and an honor to be writin’ with those 3! It was also an honor writin’ with Cindy! She and I are going to write some more (and husband Pat too)!

This morning I got up and began going through emails, many of them music related. I continued the process of uploading some of my songs, and instrumental tracks to a licensing company that is new to me down in the Los Angeles area. They license music that will be synced to films, TV, and advertising all over the world. I’m doing this on the advice of friend, and Nashville publisher Bob Dellaposta (Bob got me my Australian cut of I WANT TO). Sure enjoyed sittin’ down to lunch with you Bob when I was in town. Thanks for your continued belief in me and my stuff!

As I was working on the song uploading to LA, I needed to touch bases with my good friend, and co-writer here in Sandpoint, Dan Keseloff. A couple of the songs I was sending out were co-writes with Dan. I’ve told Dan more than once that the sound of “the writing team of Keseloff & Yunek” has a good ring to it. So far, he hasn’t disappointed either!

I took some time for lunch, and to lock in 3 slots, with 2 different Nashville publishers at 2 different meetings this Thursday, and next. These opportunities come by my Nashville friend, and mentor Sheree’ Spoltore’ of Global Songwriters Connection. Sheree’ and Global were the primary reasons I traveled to Nashville last month. I might pitch some of my existing songs, or maybe a new one if it makes it out of the studio in time. Either way, I don’t have enough good things to say about Miss Sheree’!

Let’s see here- New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, and Sandpoint, and a songwriting career being orchestrated between the a fore mentioned. Not bad for the day off of an older, bald, hair-lipped guy…