I’ve been told more than once, that relative to this songwriting quest I am on; “I need to enjoy the journey, relish in the process”. And it’s really true. Because of my writing, because of my songs, I get to meet some really great folks. Other writers, musicians, publishers, special mentors to me, and I am blessed to call some of them friends now. Not only do I get to experience the bends and turns of my path and progress, but I also get to witness the success of some of those hard workin’ people around me. A big example of this has popped up in the last couple of weeks.

A singer that I have hired 3 different times, to record the vocals on 3 separate songs (demos) of mine, has found himself as a member of Blake Shelton’s team on NBC’s “The Voice”. The guy’s name is Adam Cunningham, and he is crazy talented!

The first song of mine that Adam lent his ability to was a tune titled HER DRESS. I distinctly remember that as my co-writer Dan Keseloff and I were putting the finishing touches on the song that we had slaved over for more than a year, a song that we had carved and polished on ’till we were sick of it at times, a song that we had worked so hard to make perfect; I remember how the topic of who we would get to sing the thing came up. We started checking studio vocal samples as always. We searched independent sources, indie artists and demo singers. We both felt that the song needed a seasoned, solid yet tender kind of voice. We found Adam, and both agreed that we had found what the song was screaming for.

It was a privilege over 2 years ago to sit there and listen to Adam come into the studio and work his magic. Dan and I had sent a hard fought write to the extremely capable hands of guitarist Mike Waldron. Mike had completed his tracks, and now Dan and I were listening to Adam do his thing. The frosting was being applied to a very tall cake. The dude can sing!

So Adam, best to you! I’ll be watching this season’s THE VOICE with added excitement. The show is certainly living up to it’s name, ’cause man, what a voice!

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