Well, I’ve been home now for 4 days after 5 full days in Nashville, and what a trip it was! The primary reason for getting back there this time, was to attend the 3 day FOCUS event put on by Sheree’ and Lou Spoltore’ of Global Songwriters Connection ( www.globalsongwriters.com ).

I was 1 of 6 writers who got to meet, and write with Alissa Moreno (EVERYDAY/Rascal Flats), Jeffrey East (ROLLER RINK/Current Rascal Flats Album), and Steve Dean (9 #1s including SOUTHERN STAR/Alabama). I was paired up with fellow FOCUS participant Cindy Mechem for the 3 days. We wrote with Jeffrey East Friday morning, Alissa Moreno Saturday morning, and Steve Dean Sunday morning. 3 co-writes, and 3 great songs. In fact Jeffrey has already performed our song THE POWER OF A SONG and he let me know that it was received well. These writes were way off the “cool scale”!!

I also had the opportunity to meet, and pitch my songs to 3 different Nashville publishers. I pitched 5 songs each to Lauren Funk of Big Yellow Dog, Nancy Peacock of Washington Street, and Dallas Gregory of Song Rocket Music. Nancy and Dallas have taken a couple of my songs prior to this event, but it was great to finally meet both of them in person! And speaking of meeting, I finally got to say thanks and meet producer Chip Hardy at The 515 studio, and Dave Demay at Song City Studio. Chip and Dave are responsible for every demo recording I’ve had done to date.

Prior to the weekend I had lunch with publisher Bob Dellaposta of My 3 Kids Music. Bob is responsible for getting me the cut on my I WANT TO with Australian indie Brett Clarke. I also had lunch with publisher Sherrill Blackman. Sherrill is currently working one of my songs. So thankful to finally meet these guys and say thanks!

I’ll be posting more about the trip in the coming days, and weeks, but for right now I’ll leave it with “Thanks Sheree’ and Lou”! I’m at a loss for words relative to what this week meant to me, and that’s not good when I’m a writer!

Sheree’ and the crew…Myself, Tedd Swormstedt, Cindy Mechem, Sheree’, Mia Saxena, Linda Moroziuk, and Joey Boone

Sheree’, myself, and Lou…