My buddy, and co-writer Dan Keseloff came up to me one day not so long ago and said, “Hey, I’ve got this idea for a song” (he does this a lot, he is full of great song ideas).  We sat down soon there after, and started workin’ on his idea.

We would get together on a Sunday afternoon, or in the evening after work maybe once a week (yeah, we both have day jobs) to begin shaping, and crafting this idea of his. I, right along with Dan thought it was a great idea.

After a couple of months of meeting maybe once a week to write, and re-write on this thing (re-writing multiple times), sending the song back and forth to Nashville to let people who we trust hear it, and give us some feedback on it, and then re-write on it some more, we had us a song. We had us a song that made both of us laugh and say would most likely be hard to get cut because of the story line and meter among other things (mom dies, and it’s a 6/8- a waltz).  We had us a song though that we really liked, and we were getting really positive comments on it after some of those Nashville ears were hearing it.

So what do we do now? Dan and I both agree that we have written a song that completes his original idea in a very solid story line. We like the music on the thing, as do other folks. Dude, we’ve written a great story song worthy of a movie script. Let’s get it out there and let the chips fall where they may. It’s time to